Don’t Set It & Forget It

KneeI got good news today from my doctor, telling me that instead of the surgery I was dreading for my worn out knees, that I likely just need Physical Therapy (PT).  For many reasons this is welcomed news as well as an eye opener for me.

The reason for the PT is because years ago I had my knees operated on and then I just moved on with life.  I failed to do any PT after the surgery and the muscles in my legs never fully recovered.  I just moved on and forgot about it.

The bad news is that my knees are now weak and in bad need of PT, the good news is that I can now do something about it.  I met with a physical therapist and he has me on a plan to help me strengthen my knees that will help improve my life.

The attitude that I had about my knees reminds me of the attitudes some people have  toward their insurance plan.

Insurance AgentThey meet with an insurance person once, purchase a policy and then move on with life.  They “Set it and Forget it.”

Insurance is not a “Set it and Forget It”.  It is important that you review your coverages with your agent at least every 12 months.  Another important time to review your coverages is when you have a “Life Event”, such as a wedding, a new driver, or a new room addition to your house.

Don’t treat your insurance plan like I did my knees.  Take the time to review your coverages as often as necessary with your agent.  Life changes and your insurance needs will change with your life.

Sports, Events & Recreation Insurance

Sports and Recreation are American’s favorite pastime, but for many the pastime becomes an obsession.  We put great athletes on pedestals and aspire to be like our favorite sportsman or sportswoman.  This pushes us to work hard to accomplish our goals and win the prize.  And sometimes we go too far.motorbike-438464_960_720

Going to far often times leads to injury or even death.  These injuries can be as simple as a twisted ankle or as a sever as a heart attack or anything in-between, and in our litigious society you better have a plan to cover your team, your league, your facilities and your own personal assets.

Bragg Insurance Agency is excited to offer Sports and Recreation Insurance.  Below is a partial list of some of the sports, events, and recreational activities that we can insure.  Before you hit the field…Call Bragg!

  • Religious Camps
  • Conference Centers
  • Retreat Camps
  • Fairs & Festivals
  • Political Campaigns and Events
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Trade Shows
  • Zoos & Aquariums
  • Motorcycle Dealerships
  • Dirt Bikes an Motocross Bikes
  • Health & Fitness Facilities
  • Skating Facilities
  • Amateur Sports Associations
  • Amateur Sports Events
  • Athletic Conferences
  • Coaches & Officials
  • High School Athletics
  • Sports Camps
  • Racing
  • Tractor & Truck Pulls
  • Climbing Walls
  • Carriage Rides
  • Bowling & Billiard Centers
  • Movie Theaters
  • Social Clubs
  • Gymnastic Clubs
  • Martial Arts Schools
  • Concessionaires



Finding Motivation After a Long Weekend

It’s Tuesday the day after Labor Day Weekend and most people are not excited to be back at work.  So here are some motivational tips that may help you to get back into the groove.sleepy

Make a Plan – It may sound too simple and maybe even a little dull, but making a plan can help you to get more accomplished.  Even a simple checklist can get you going in the right direction.

Get up and Walk Around – Instead of just sitting at your desk  or your workstation like a zombie get up and walk around and greet your fellow workers.  If you job doesn’t allow you to walk around then go for a walk on your lunch time.  Get the blood pumping by moving around.  For every 60 minutes of work, get up and move around for 10.

Turn off the Distractions – Yes this means your phone needs to be either put on silent or just turned off.  Those pesky alerts are distracting enough on a regular day, on a day after a long holiday can really kill your production.

Focus – Focus on one thing at a time.  Instead of multi-tasking and becoming overwhelmed, simply just do one thing at a time.  This will help you to see some success, and success breeds success.

Drink Water – Instead of pounding down that 2nd, 3rd, or 4th cup of coffee, drink water.  Water will hydrate you and give you energy and the ability to focus.  I’m not a barbarian so yes go ahead have a cup of coffee but too much caffeine can make if difficult to focus on one thing and be counter productive.




Insurance Video Library Now Open!


Bragg Insurance Agency is excited to announce the opening of our video information Library!  This new tool developed for Bragg Insurance Agency clients will help to answer many of your questions about how your insurance coverages work.  insurance-agent

To visit the Insurance Video Library you can click on the following link.

We are hopeful that these 36 videos will help our community to make great decisions about their insurance coverages!

Erie Insurance Earns JD Power Award for 5th Consecutive Year

Bragg Insurance Agency is proud to offer Erie Insurance products and works hard to make the customer buying experience an easy and pleasant one.  Erie’s excellent reputation with how they handle claims along with their awesome buying experience makes Erie a company hard to beat.

Bragg Insurance Agency-final fileOn May 3rd of this year the put out the following press release in regards to the JD Power award.

For the fifth year in a row, Erie Insurance received the highest ranking in Customer Satisfaction with the Auto Insurance Purchase Experience in the J.D. Power Insurance Shopping Study. In 2017, Erie Insurance received a score of 879 out of 1,000.

“In this digital age, we strive to provide our agents with the right tools to reach .  Customers in ways they prefer and expect, but still reflect our hallmark of service,” said Tim NeCastro, president and CEO of Erie Insurance. “A customer might start an insurance search online, but we believe it should end with a handshake.” Erie-Insurance

The Insurance Shopping Study provides a detailed look at the customer experience in shopping for a new auto insurance policy. It explores what prompts someone to shop for insurance and which factors contribute to the purchase decision. Three factors were measured to determine overall satisfaction. They are, in order of importance: price, distribution channel and policy offerings

Should the Contractor or the Homeowner Purchase the Builders Risk Policy?

A common misunderstanding that contractors have is to think that their Liability Insurance covers the building materials when they are working on a project.  General Commercial Liability (CGL) covers exactly what its name implies; the contractors liability if someone in injured and the contractor is held liable.  contractors-150x150

Building materials in the midst of construction or on site are NOT covered by a CGL.  To cover the building materials in the midst of construction or on site, it must first be established who actually owns those building materials, the contractor or the homeowner.

The contract between the builder and the homeowner should specify who actually owns those materials.  If the contract fails to address the ownership of the building materials, at a minimum a verbal understanding should be established.

The party who owns those building materials is the party that is responsible for purchasing the builders risk insurance.

th7JGJ1NLCThe builders risk policy should then cover all of the building materials on site and in the midst of construction until the project is completed.  If set up properly this policy would cover the material for damage due to storms, fire, theft, vandalism, and other perils that will be named in the policy.

Some Business Owner Policies (BOP) held by contractors may include some coverage for building material.  Often times these coverages are insufficient for different types of projects.  If a contractors has a BOP that offers some building material coverage, the homeowner should request to see a copy of that policy, and then verify that the builders has enough coverage for their specific project.


When to Add Your Teenage Driver to Your Auto Insurance Policy

Newly licensed drivers are 96% likely to have an accident.  For most people it’s not a matter of if they will have an accident but when, and how bad will the accident be.

The summer of 2017 has been no exception here in central Indiana.  It seems like nearly every day this summer I have heard of a young driver that was in a serious accident.  Sadly there have been several teens and adults alike that have been killed this summer in automobile accidents.  Car Accident

Because of these statistics and a national trends that indicates that many driver are texting and driving, adding a teenager to an auto policy can be expensive.  The higher premiums have caused some households to delay in adding their young drivers to their auto policies.  While this may seem like a way to help save on insurance premiums, it actually could cost that household in higher premiums and cause coverages to be withheld.

The short answer to the question of “When should I add my teenager to my auto policy” is “as soon as he/she gets their driver’s license.”  If you are thinking of delaying or withholding your young driver from your auto insurance policy, here are some things to think about.

driving-844132_960_720When adding a driver to a policy the insurance company looks at the issue date of the drivers license.  If the driver’s license issue date indicates that it is a young driver that was never added to the policy the insurance company will normally backdate the adding on of the driver to the issue date of the license and charge the premium to the insured from the issue date.  This is especially true if the young driver has had an accident.

Because withholding young drivers information from household auto insurance policies has actually become a national trend, insurance companies are wising up and changing how they handle these situations.  Some carriers are now excluding coverage for young drivers that live in the same household if they have not been added to the policy.

So here is what all of the this means.  If you fail to add your teenage driver to your auto policy, lets say for 1 year, and they have an accident.  It is entirely possible that your insurance carriers will deny coverage because they were not added to the policy.  They Insurance Agentcould also choose to cover the claim but then add the young driver to the policy backdating the addition of that driver to the date they received their drivers license and charge the insured for 1 years of premium for that young driver.  That additional premium would be due immediately and the insured would likely be dropped.

The bottom line is that the best practice is to add your young drivers to the policy as soon as they get their license.  If you cannot afford the increased insurance premiums do not let them get their license.  Many parents make their children wait until they were older to get their driver’s license and they can afford the insurance premium payments.

Click Here for more information on how insurance works with Teen Drivers.


How Much Coverage is Enough?

How much coverage is enough? Are you under-insured or are you over-insured? That’s a question that does not have a generic answer. There is not a one size fits all insurance plan.  Do you have an insurance plan?

This is what makes the relationship between an insurance agent and the insured so important. Your coverages should be custom fit to your specific risk factors and assets that need protected.  You and your agent should have a plan incase a catastrophe happens….and it could.

Because our society has become so litigious one policy that everyone should consider is an umbrella policy. statue-5998_960_720If you own a home, have any money in the bank, a 401K or retirement account, own a business, or have wages that can be garnished an umbrella policy can usually provide adequate protection.

Click here to watch an informative video that explains that you don’t have to be a millionaire to be sued like a millionaire.



Types of Auto Insurance

A common question that we get in the agency is, “What is the difference between liability only and full coverage?”  This is a difficult question to answer because the terms, “liability only” and “full coverage” are relative terms, meaning different things to different people.  At Bragg Insurance Agency our job is to open up the discussion with the client about their coverage so that we can fulfil their expectations.  Communication is the key.

This video does a great job of discussing the different types of coverages that you can have in an auto insurance policy. auto